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Inetix have been providing effective IT solutions to business for almost twenty years; pushing the boundaries to find cost effective, reliable and smarter solutions.

With a breadth and depth of skills we are enthusiastic and proactive in our work, responding quickly to changes in technology to keep our clients ahead.

Our wealth of skills and knowledge enable us to provide your company with the highest level of support and service and with a proven track record of design, installation and support we are confident of exceeding your expectations.

Choosing Your IT Services Is As Simple As:


Choose from our range of Cloud-based products, each scaled to meet your current and future remote working needs.


Payment can be made by credit/debit card or bank transfer. Once payment has cleared, setup will begin immediately.

Leave The Rest To Us

Our experienced team will contact you for organisational details and implement your new hosted office experience.


We are proud of the range of products and services which we provide, all of which have been honed over the years to offer the most comprehensive feature list available, without losing their intrinsic core value.

Key features for our services include data integrity via 2 hourly backups, fully ongoing support and a variety of options to enhance your cloud experience.

Ideal for both established businesses or start-ups. This service gives significant savings on support, infrastructure and licensing costs.

We provide the most comprehensive and cost effective IT Support contracts on the market covering hardware and software.

We provide both shared and dedicated Microsoft Exchange servers, complete with anti-spam and 30 days archiving as standard.

We provide both shared and dedicated Veeam Cloud Connect servers, with the ability to send them directly to your site in an emergency.

Our Windows based Virtual Private Servers come with Firewalls and Backups every 2 hours as standard for your peace of mind.

We provide a broad range of connectivity options for almost any scenario including leased lines, 4G\5G, FTTC, FTTP and SoGEA.

Can't Find What You're Looking For Or Need Advice?


We are committed to the quality and performance we provide to each of our clients. Creativity, Communication, Teamwork and Excellence lead the way.

We pride ourselves on forming lasting and engaging relationships with our clients and have a genuine passion for every project we undertake.

Being a responsible business is at the heart of everything we do and our high staff retention rates mean our team is here to stay.

We believe in taking ownership and working collaboratively with our partners, communities and colleagues to make a positive impact on a local and global scale.


All of our UK based staff have in excess of 10 years in the IT industry and are fully up-to-date in all our services and technologies.


Pay a predictable, flexible monthly fee for all your infrastructure, software, backup,  licensing and support requirements.


Regular backups are taken every 2 hours, which are encrypted and dispersed to multiple locations across the country for data security.


All our products are customised to your specification and are usually ready within 24 hours, subject to your requirements.


ISO 14001 certified datacentres that deliver responsible solutions are a great way towards reducing our environmental impact.


Our infrastructure is hosted in ISO-27001/9001, PCI DSS and G Cloud certified datacentres, offering unrivalled security and performance.


Giving employees the right tools to do their job easily and effectively, greatly increases their productivity, scalability and flexibility..


We back all our services with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and will refund twice the downtime cost should we fail to meet that target.


Our modern range of Intel and AMD servers, all run the latest Gen3 and Gen4 NVME drives for the fastest performance possible.

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